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The schedule in general

Introductory lectures are normally on Mondays, follow-up lectures on Thursdays. The follow-up lecture for each module is compulsory, but attend ONLY if you have submitted your answers to the module!

See the TimeEdit schedule for detailed information and supervision times.

If not all groups have had a chance to ask a last question before scheduled supervision ends, someone will stay to supervise until every group has had a chance to ask. If intensity is low, we will take a look in the rooms at least at the beginning of every 45 min block.

For supervision at other times, you are welcome to contact any one of us.

Schedule details 2019

In TimeEdit, Friday October 11 has an empty schedule, but we will run the supervision as usual. This happens because some exams are planned on this day - if anyone has an exam we can make a special arrangement.

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