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The course is mainly intended to strengthen your mathematical thinking, and your ability to apply such thinking in applications, and in your continued studies. It does not require any previous university mathematics, and the focus in not on mathematical knowledge in the traditional sense, but on the often implied abilities needed to effectively be able to apply any mathematics you already know, and efficiently be able to learn new mathematics. The most important parts are mathematical reasoning, problem solving and mathematical modelling. Important aspects such as using the computer as a part of your mathematical thinking, and to be able to communicate with and about mathematics are also integrated in the course.

The core of the course is a number of carefully selected problems, where you by working in an investigative way develop your abilities. We also have lectures which provide a broader understanding, follow-up and perspective. The problems will engage you in mathematical thinking both within mathematics itself and in different realistic applications, and in this way the gap between mathematical theory and relevant applications is bridged.

Official course plan

Course content and structure

The core of the course is a number of problems in a number of weekly modules, usually with a main theme for each module:


The problems are available from the Problem Modules document. The normal schedule of a module is the following:

In case of irregularities in the study period, there may be some exceptions to the schedule that will be posted well in advance.

Examination and final grading

The course is examined continuously through the module submissions and through a final report. Grading will be based on a qualitative assessment of the modules together with the final report.

For DIT856 we require the grade "good" for all modules. For DIT025 the grade "sufficient" is enough. There will also be some other differences in the modules along the way.

If you should not complete the course in time, and need to come back next year, please note that it is in your best interest to keep copies of your solutions to enable future assessment.

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