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Applied mathematical thinking

2018-10-21 Here is the timetable for next week. On Monday I will give a lecture about creativity, and also talk more about mathematical reasoning. On Thursday we will have the follow-up on module 7, and also review the course as a whole. On Friday, there is a final supervision session 13.15-15.00 for those who want some last-minute help with any unfinished assignments. (There is no need to have a weekly supervisor meeting for the final report.) Congratulations on (nearly) reaching the end of the course! We're impressed with how much work you've all put in, and we look forward to reading your reports.

2018-10-07 Friday October 12 is reserved for re-exams, so there will be no supervision. Instead we add supervision on Monday October 15 at 15-18 (in rooms EDIT 3354 and 3358) and extend the deadline for module 6 until Tuesday October 16. To even out the workload we also change the deadline for the module 5 reflection to Sunday October 14.

2018-09-25 In module 4, for the problem about the shape of the can, please use the command FindMinimum rather than NMinimize as originally written.

2018-09-19 There were some problems with links in the current module. If the problem persists try to reload the module with the troublesome link, or open it in a private browser window.

2018-09-06 Apparently, there is some computer system problem related to the transfer of student data from GU to Chalmers, making it difficult for many GU-students to log in and use their access cards. We received a mail that work is ongoing to resolve this - the contact point for information is

2018-08-22 We wish all students welcome to the courses DIT025 and DIT856! The first lecture is on Monday September 3 at 10:15 in ES51. The course web pages will be fully updated when the course begins. Please do not register for the course in the FIRE system until the course begins.

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