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Elementary self-check!

One of the values of this course is to encourage your own ability to think as far as possible. Another even more basic value is to be careful - in the problem solving and in other ways. The “other ways” are important, because a careful attitude is most easily acquired if you practice it consistently and not only sometimes. Besides, it does not take more time to be careful, often the opposite is true since you can save a lot of time by not making unnecessary errors. It normally involves both being careful at first, and also on your own initiative check your work so that usually nothing slips through.

It is clear that many of you are as careful as one can reasonably expect. However, across all groups and submissions it is also clear that the frequency of elementary oversights is higher than it needs to be. And not being careful enough, and not seeing your own elementary errors, is actually one of the most common reasons for not being able to solve a problem in this course.

You are therefore asked to do the following elementary self-check, immediately before submitting anything in this course:

Note that we are not asking you to do anything difficult here. On the contrary - we ask you to make sure that no simple things have been ignored or missed! This will serve you well to always do also in your future profession.

What to do in your submission?

If the answer is no to any of the questions above, you did not pass the self-check. It then makes no sense to submit before you have fixed it (don't!). And it is good to reflect over why this happened.

If you feel you need help to fix it, or need a short extension, please contact a supervisor in person as soon as possible, e.g. in the next supervision session (even if it should be after the deadline).

If the answer is yes to all the questions, simply write “Self-check passed!” at the end of your submission.

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