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2019-11-19 Grades have been reported and will be visible in LADOK.

2019-10-29 All final meetings will be in room ES51.

2019-10-17 In week 43, there will be be two lectures. One on Monday at 10 where we will talk about creativity and some more about reasoning. Then on Wednesday at 10 we will have the last lecture in the course, with the follow-up on module 7, and a course summary. There is no lecture on Thursday. If you need supervision during this week for any issues with previous modules, please contact Jean Baptiste.

2019-09-23 NOTE: there is no extra lecture today in the afternoon or next Monday afternoon. This is an error in the TimeEdit schedule.

2019-09-09 Please note that we made a slight change in the question II of the reflection, to ensure that you always write some forward looking reflections. If you have already handed in the reflection for module 2, you do not need to redo it.

2019-09-09 For technical reasons in FIRE we always press "reject" for the main submission, but you can see in the text if the main submission passed or not. This is to make it technically possible for you to also submit the reflection in a second step.

2019-09-06 The TimeEdit schedule is now updated, so from now on you can find all rooms there. For Friday morning it is ED3507 where we have already been, and for the afternoon E-Studion (on the ground level, enter from the outside in the northeastern corner of the EDIT building).

2019-09-03 For the Wednesday supervision at 10:00 we will use room 2505. This room is located in a smaller building called Idéläran, just outside of the southwestern corner of the EDIT building.

2019-09-03 We will use room ED3507 for the supervision today Tuesday at 10:00

2019-08-26 We wish all students welcome to the courses DIT025 and DIT856! The first lecture is on Monday September 2 at 10:00 in EL43 (EDIT building at Chalmers Johanneberg). The course web pages will be fully updated when the course begins. Please do not register for the course in the FIRE system until the course begins.

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