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Problem modules

Reflection and self-assessment

The reflection is done in a second submission of each module, after the follow-up lecture. Please follow the I, II, III structure in your answer!


a) Did you have your compulsory weekly meeting with a supervisor?

b) Did both of you attend the compulsory follow-up lecture? If you already talked to us about this, please explain.

c) If you were asked to talk to a supervisor about the main submission, who did you talk to?


Reflect on your experiences from working with the module and try to make the most out of them. If you reflect around individual problems (which is good), try to also draw general conclusions that may be helpful for you going forward (in this course and/or long-term). You are now encouraged to discuss the module with other groups!

Note that time spent in the reflection is time well spent, as it will help you to maximize the learning from the effort you already made when working with the problems.

As the answer, give some well motivated points summarizing your reflections.

For DIT856 we expect a careful and well-reasoned reflection, in two parts:

a) Comments on any main mistakes or weaknesses in your solutions, problem by problem. We also welcome comments on any especially strong points in your solutions.

b) A general reflection as outlined above, for anything you did not already discuss in a).


Give a single assessment for the whole module and motivate with a sentence or two. This is for your own practice.

Use the scale "insufficient/sufficient/good/very good", or a combination such as "between good and very good" or "good or very good". Use the criteria I have suggested as a guideline, or motivate your own.

(We as teachers will then set the grade for this module. We think it is better if you are able to make a fair assessment rather than an inflated one.)

(SELF-CHECK) Do the self-check also for the reflection! (a self-check is always good practice)

To submit the reflection, just append to the end of your main submission and resubmit! Update the total hours spent to also include the reflection.

Applied mathematical thinking DIT855